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Established in 1956, moved to a site at the ROUBAIX EST industrial estate in Leers in August 1988. Specialises in the manufacture of cardboard tubes, cores and Edgeboard.

Factory gained ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.
Occupies 24,000 m2 site, including 7,200 m2 of buildings. Corex France has obtained ISO 9001 certification, underlining its commitment to provide quality in line with its customers' requirements.

  Corex France is environmentally aware 
Its raw material, cardboard, contains a high proportion of recycled paper, and the adhesives used for tube production are of natural origin and harmless to the environment. Waste is sorted and recycled. Dust generated during production is extracted at its point of emission and automatically conveyed into a compactor, where it is used to create briquettes.

Corex's membership of a Group with
  - 20 production sites
  - 5 distribution sites gives it added strength and production flexibility.
  - In 2006, Davrain changes name to become Corex France

  Growth in volume of tube production
Our strengths :
  • Modern, diversified production equipment,
  • Highly flexible delivery arrangements,
  • Production to customer specifications,
  • Reliability and continuity